About Us

A back story

WPH Plumbing was born 7 years ago with a vision to provide quality plumbing services to the people of the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Will loves his family and the outdoor life, if he isn’t waist deep in a hole you can find him camping or more than likely catching some waves. His love and commitment to his family and friends extends to his clients, with each of his clients becoming a part of the WPH family. The daily challenges and diversity of plumbing is what inspires Will each and every day. Will is extremely excited to grow his business with the employment of his first apprentice Connor joining WPH. Will enjoys teaching the dark art of plumbing to Connor but more importantly also having someone there to dig the holes. 

Meet the team


Will Hancock

Married with three beautiful kids, Will has spent his life honing his skills as a plumber, husband, and father but nothing compares to the time he has spent surfing. Will loves nothing more than spending time with friends and family, usually with a coffee in hand. Honesty and Integrity are two values that Will lives his life by. If you see the WPH Plumbing van on the road, you had better hope the windows are up as Will loves to sing along with the radio with 

Connor the Barbarian (Apprentice)

In his first year of his apprenticeship, Connor has taken to plumbing like a kindred spirit. He has formed a great bond with Will, who is passing all his knowledge onto his eager apprentice. Everyday spent with Will he is developing a keen ear for bad singing and his coffee snobbery just like his boss.