If you suspect a possible leak in your house, then, in that case, you need to investigate it immediately, as leaving it unattended and not repairing it can cause damage to your foundation, home, and landscaping. Unfortunately, it is tough to detect leaks without the assistance of plumber in Currumbin, who utilizes the right plumbing equipment and years of experience.


Here are some common types of water leakage that we can detect at home


Kitchen leaks

Most water leaks in kitchens occur around the sinks, within the supply pipes at the base, behind the dishwasher, and among the concealed water pipes behind the wall. In addition, faucet leaks are another widespread problem that occurs in kitchens. There is a danger of underground water leaks in the kitchen behind the wall bursting, rusting, and leaking over time, even the most minor leaks seeping out of joints over time because of wear and tear. There is a good chance that you may notice dampness and dark spots on the walls due to this.

If you find any sign of leakage in the kitchen, you should contact the professional and experienced plumber in Currumbin to prevent any major damage.


Bathroom Water Leaks

When you suspect or notice a water leak in your bathroom, contact WPH Plumbing immediately and check the walls inside and outside the bathroom for peeling paint or wallpaper. Water leakage between the tiles can cause the caulk between them to become saturated, especially if a bathtub is attached to either side of the wall. After moving into the connected wall, the water loosens the bonds attaching paint and wallpaper to the wall, resulting in peeling. It is also a good idea to check for mould growth in certain parts of your bathroom, especially near the sink and bathtub.


The growth of moulds and mildew is known to be facilitated by moist areas, dark, such as bathrooms with leaky water pipes, which are familiar places where this happens. You may find that some are constantly growing, and that can be a sign that there may be hidden leaks under the roof.


Leaks underground and hidden

Sometimes, a leaking pipe may be underground or concealed behind a wall. It contains basements, under slabs of concrete, ceilings, and pipes in the house’s exterior. It is not always easy to identify a hidden pipe as the source of a leak, so you can contact a quality plumber in Currumbin as they have the proper equipment and tools to detect leakage. Conduct a meter test as soon as possible. As a first step, check the meter that measures the water used in your home and observe how it moves. The next step is to turn off your home’s faucets, toilets, and water-connected appliances. Finally, make sure the meter is turning over again. As a result, if the answer is yes, there is a leak somewhere in the house and your property, and it may be underground.


If you suspect that your gold coast property is experiencing a leak, it is important to contact professional plumber in Currumbin from WPH Plumbing to locate and repair even the most hidden and concealed leaks. In our professional plumbing services by plumber Currumbin, we at WPH Plumbing offer a comprehensive leak detection service that will enable us to detect any hidden leaks inside and outside the home to detect and repair them.