Blocked sewer pipes and sewerage blockages can start as minor problems but quickly turn into serious ones. The presence of a blocked sewer can cause problems such as slow drainage, corrosion, flooding, sewage backup and even costly repairs in the worst cases. To prevent such problems from occurring, it is crucial to recognize the causes of sewage blockages. Listed below, you will find information about the most common household causes of blocked sewers.


A hair clog is a very common cause of drain blockages, as grease and other sticky substances can bind with hair and cause a clog. To solve the problem of hair blockages, it is best if they are avoided in the first place. As a general rule, drains should be guarded with guards to catch hair, and these should be cleaned regularly.

Food Waste

Whether you have a garbage disposal in your sink, waste food should never be washed down the drain. Rather than throwing away food waste, it is advisable to create a compost pile. This is a crucial issue, especially for wastes that do not decompose, such as tea leaves and coffee grounds. It would be best to be cautious about consuming grease and oil since they will solidify in the pipes and lead to a clog.

Mineral Buildup

It is important to understand that minerals dissolved in hard water can cause insoluble masses to form, which will easily clog your drains. If hard water is a problem in your area, the most practical solution is to install a water softener for your home. If that isn’t possible, the only option is to descale and clean your system regularly so it doesn’t build up with sediment and rust. The deposits of minerals and sediments can cause clogs that are difficult to remove once established, so if you notice that your drains and pipes are no longer flowing, call a professional plumber on the Gold Coast like WPH plumbing 

Small Objects

Objects that are small enough to enter your plumbing supply can cause a lot of damage. It is always advisable to dispose of any other object in the trash. There may have been a foreign matter that has made its way into your house plumbing system and has caused problems, and if that has occurred, you’ll likely need professional help from a plumber on the Gold Coast to remove it and ensure all is well again with your plumbing system.

Toilet Paper Buildup

It is not advisable to use too much toilet paper. It can cause the toilet to stop flushing and clog your drains. Using a plunger can help ensure that some toilet paper dissolves and that no more water runs through your toilet when it is flushed. However, if your toilet is blocked, you’ll need to turn to a professional plumber on the Gold Coast to handle your problem.

Because there are so many things that can lead to clogged drains, the most effective approach to fix them is to make sure they don’t get clogged in the first place. Never flush anything that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet, and steer clear of the need to clean clogged drains by pouring in additional chemicals or things. And if the situation with your blocked drains escalates to the point that you require the aid of a skilled plumber on the Gold Coast, you can reach out to WPH Plumbing for assistance.