Most people would panic after seeing their toilet leaking. It’s definitely an unpleasant scene and it takes a good amount of mindshare that you want to deploy somewhere else. Now, this is certainly a problem that only experts can fix. However, if you know the reasons for this occurrence, it’s possible to avoid it in the future.

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And besides acing at services, we also try to make people aware of the common plumbing issues and their causes. So taking that vein ahead, here’s a piece article that tells you about the causes and solutions of toilet leakage.

Common causes of toilet leakage:-

Imperfect Material

Leaks can often cause due to imperfect material. You should know that most toilets are made with porcelain. And though it’s prominently used and gives you good performance usually, it can cause some problems too.

Worn Wax Ring

When there’s a leak it’s obvious that the joints are loose or worn out. A worn wax ring could be the culprit behind your leakage in your luxury dyke.

Loose Bolts

Besides the wax ring, the loose bolts could also cause this problem. You should know that there are two bolts that fix your toilet to the floor. They are usually covered by caps so you won’t see them. You can remove the cap and then tighten the bolts.

Pipe Leakage

And you cannot certainly rule out this possibility. Pipes can cause these issues due to many reasons. There could crack due to a sudden blow or its quality could simply get deteriorated.

Shut-Off Valve

This is a small tap that connects your toilet to the water supply in your house. Like all its counterparts in your home, this tap could also become a victim of wear and tear and cause you trouble.


This problem occurs mostly in warm weather or when the air is warm in your house. The heat causes the water to evaporate and it condenses on the surface of the tank. After some time, it starts to thaw and makes it way out of the toilet.

Way to fix the leakage:-

Now that you have learnt about the common causes behind the leakage, let us see the solutions as well.

Check the Connections– You must all the connections between the tank and toilet bowl as they often cause this issue.

Inspect the Cracks– Mostly, you can find cracks on tanks, bowls, or pipes. It is a must that you look for them thoroughly and fix them promptly.

Check the Wax Ring– As mentioned above, the worn-out wax ring could be a major issue behind the leak. So make sure that you are checking this area totally.

Check Tee Bolts– The tee bolts cause a fissure in the seal and cause a profuse leak so check for this one too.

WPH Plumbing gives you an experienced and professional plumber in Palm Beach who could fix all such issues in a jiffy.